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Date: 08-18-2022 -
Title: Rinker Buck Life on the Mississippi


Square Books in Oxford, MS. There is a new book coming out this summer entitled Life on the Mississippi by author Rinker Buck. He will be visiting Square Books on Thursday, August 18th for a reading and signing. This is Mr. Buck's second book in which he has undertaken an early American journey, this time down the Mississippi River on a flatboat: "The eagerly awaited return of master American storyteller Rinker Buck--whose last book The Oregon Trail was a triumphant New York Times bestseller--Life on the Mississippi is another epic, enchanting blend of history and adventure in which Buck builds an authentic wooden flatboat from the early 1800s and pilots it down the Mississippi River, from Pittsburgh to New Orleans. He was following the path of an Swiss-American immigrant named Jacob Yoder, who made the trip in 1782. In doing so, Buck illuminates the forgotten past of the river and its grand "flatboat era," which dramatically expanded the country in the decades before Western expansion."