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Happy Canoe Year!

From all of us at Quapaw Canoe Company

And the Lower Mississippi River Foundation!! Canoe! watercolor 8x11.jpg

Wherever the year takes you...
Wherever the road leads...
We hope that you & yours
Find your dreams burning brightly
And flowing fruitfully into the New Year
Maybe on a canoe trip down the Big River?

What are our dreams?
You can see them here:
30-Year Dream for Mississippi River

Mark River Blog:

Entitlement and Privilege

Freshwater is the one essential resource that every living thing has to have. No matter what you are, what complexion, what you believe in, where you come from, who you voted for, what you do, how rich, how poor- we are all entitled to have freshwater. Industries are constantly buying land connected to the river, building silos, docks, conveyer belts and natural gas hubs and tapping into the approximately 1.5 trillion barge industry which is about 10 percent of our country's GDP. With more stress to our great waterway, the Mississippi River's wild places are succumbing to economic growth, while the powers that be are trying to deregulate legislation put in place to protect and preserve our freshwater source that provides close to 18 million Americans with water daily. How could we be more careless? I know Americans are struggling financial dealing with corporations moving operations out of the country to take advantage of off-shore corporate tax incentives, but ending the regulations is not the way to go. No pun intended, but it's like playing Russian roulette with our existence. This is matter can not be a political or profit driven, this is an issue for all people, and we must be unanimous on these decisions.

It's a privilege for me to explore wild places. These back channels, islands, wetlands, sandbars, swamps, oxbow lakes, blue holes, and floodplains sustain millions of species of fauna, wild flowers, edible greens, insects, arachnids, amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, and mammals. The river's annual rise replenish their ecosystems and they flourish with new growth and offspring. These complex environments are what keeps animals and humans healthy and shouldn't be put in danger by changing the Clean Water Rule , which protects all of the tributaries and streams that empty into the Mississippi River. No one should have the power or privilege to do away with these essential regulations. United we stand or divided we will perish. There are no state's rights or federal rights, there is only human rights -- and the rights of mother earth to continue to flourish with creativity and balanced expression, as the creator intended. We are all in this together. Nothing exists in isolation. We are all paddlers in this canoe, as long as we can keep the balance that is.

It's a privilege to have access to clean water provided by our great river, the Mississippi River. We must address our nutrient pollution problem. The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico is our light bulb. I watch documentaries and it curdles my stomach to see some of the water resources people have to live with daily. We should learn from other countries, who have ruined their quality of life by not creating strict regulations on their water supply. It's something that you can't reverse. It's a privilege to be able to eat the fish from the river. It's a privilege to hunt trophy whitetail deer. It's a privilege to camp in these beautiful places and breath its fresh air.

It's a privilege to live as an advocate for the protection of this precious resource. Become a River Citizen today. Happy Canoe Year! And from all of us Quapaws, may the spirit of the beautiful flowing river be with all of us, as it is always with the free-flowing river.

Mark River
1 Mississippi Southern Coordinator

24 Hour Fast on January 1st


On the 1st day of the 1st month we will fast for 1 day (24 hour day).

New Years Day, Monday, January 1st 2018, join us for a 24 hour fast -- starting at 6am and fasting until 6am the next morning (use your own local time).

Thanks to all who joined us throughout the Fall of 2017 in this series of fasts. We hope on New Year's Day you can make this small sacrifice to do it again... for your parents.... your kids.... your friends.... your earth... your creator. This will be a refreshing way to start the New Year! The temporary denial of the needs of the body invigorates your heart, and opens your soul.

While you're at it please go and sign our petition.

Why did we start this cycle of fasting? We are doing this to offset the trauma mother earth will suffer from the U.S. departure from the Paris Climate Accord. Already this ill-made decision has negatively affected our business in nature tourism. We have seen a decline in our European clientele, and maybe from other continents as well. We link arms with the Mississippi River mayors and many other mayors, businesses and organizations nationwide who are making their own commitments to proceed forward in line with sustainable standards to regain the balance for mother earth.

We are all about balance, in our canoes, in our work, in our lives. Let's regain balance and rejoin the Paris Accord! We each can do our own part in our own little way. Together, balance will be achieved. Our Paddles Up and a Big River Blessing to you All! Happy Canoe Year! bayou.jpg

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