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Expeditions - Confluences & Circumnavigations

While it’s easier going downstream in the main channel you miss most of the wildlife.

To get closer to the creatures & crawlers, the riparian landscapes, the beautiful sandbars, and the muddy bankside activity, it’s necessary to do a little more work, i.e.: paddling close to shore, paddling upstream, and doing a few portages when necessary.

Confluences & circumnavigations bring you in closer to the floodplain habitats where all of the animals are found. This is where the wild boars shovel the rich soil with their snouts and where the deer run to river’s edge at dusk for a drink of water. This is where the coyotes run at night and the black bear prowl. This is where the egrets and blue herons nest and the Mississippi Kites soar high above the canopy.

These can be done as day trips or overnights. If you want to get an intimate feel for any of the following river-tine environments, plan to stay a few days or even a week. You will return to civilization completely refreshed and awed by the subtle beauty of the Lower Mississippi River! These are the kinds of places we go to for our “Artist’s Retreats.”

Note: travel highly dependent on river level. Check ahead for possibilities and river forecast.

  1. Bessie’s Bend (meet: Hickman, Kentucky)
  2. Hen & The Chicks (meet: Shelby Forest, Tennessee)
  3. Brandywine Island (meet: Mud Island, Memphis, Tennessee)
  4. Loosahatchie Bar (meet: Mud Island, Memphis, Tennessee)
  5. Rabbit Island (meet: Tunica Riverpark Museum)
  6. Buck Island (Prairie Point Towhead) (meet: Helena, Arkansas)
  7. Island 62 & Island 63 (meet: Clarksdale, Mississippi)
  8. Island 69/Cessions Towhead (meet: Rosedale, Mississippi)
  9. Arkansas River Confluence (meet: Clarksdale, Mississippi)
  10. Stack Island (meet: Lake Providence, Louisiana)
  11. Circumnavigate Greenwood via Tallahatchie/Yalobusha/Yazoo Rivers (meet: Greenwood, Mississippi)
  12. Yazoo River Confluence/Centennial Lake/ Paw-Paw Bend/King’s Point (meet: Vicksburg, Mississippi)
  13. Middle Ground Island/Confluence of the Big Black River/Yucatan Chute (meet: Port Gibson, Mississippi)
  14. Marengo Lake (meet: Natchez-under-the-Hill, Mississippi)
  15. Red River Wilderness (meet: Fort Adams, Mississippi)
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