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Helena - Canoe Rentals

All rentals include paddles, PFDs, rescue bags, stern rope, bow rope, bailers & sponges. Renters are responsible for return of all equipment in good condition.

4-Person Canoes
Length   Canoe Type Weight Cost
23' Kevlar We-no-nah Minnesota IV 64 lbs. $57/day
21' Black Gold (Graphite/Kevlar) Bell Canoes Northshore
w/cane seats
62 lbs. $65/day
3-Person Canoes
Length Canoe Type Weight Cost
20' Kevlar We-no-nah Minnesota III 49 lbs. $48/day
2-Person Canoes
Length Canoe Type Weight Cost
16'6" Kevlar We-no-nah Escapade 42 lbs. $45/day
17'6" Kevlar Ultralight Clipper Tripper 44 lbs. $45/day
17'6" Aluminum Grumman Prospector 60 lbs. $35/day

Terms for Canoe Rental:
  • Paddler must be able to self-rescue, using included sponges & bailers
  • Paddlers responsible for any damages or loss of canoes. Required damage deposit (see below)
  • Each paddler must sign a liability release and statement of responsibility before taking a boat. A parent must sign for anyone under 18.
  • While Quapaw is not responsible for evaluating a paddler's skill or ability, or determining their route and destination, we reserve the right to refuse rentals to those individuals whose skills do not seem suitable for their intended outing.
Canoeing on the Lower Mississippi River:
You might buck around in some of the big waves, but if you are a competent paddler you'll have no problem. Can you self-rescue? If not, we do offer Self-Rescue workshops. This is our only requirement, whether you are in a canoe or kayak.

The biggest obstacles for paddlers are tugboats, buoys, dredges, wing dams, piers & industrial docking. As with all rivers, any stationary object creates bad eddies, possible whirlpools, and should be avoided. Please leave a wide margin between you & any stationary object, and be prepared for unexpected changes of current direction and/or large violent boils. You’ll want give tugboats plenty of maneuvering room as well. Paddle defensively around tugboats! Even though they are slow monsters (5-15mph), and you’ll see them from a long way off, but they often won’t see you, or if they do, they won’t have any choice in their navigation. They are slow to stop and slow to move. But beware of winds and/or water currents blowing you into their fronts or sides. The most dangerous place is in front of a tugboat, the safest place is behind it, or far from its sides.

Also be prepared for erratic & chaotic waves that sometimes erupt along powerful eddies on a windy day, or following the passage of one of the big tugboats pushing 42 barges. We commonly see 4-6 foot waves behind the bigger tows, sometimes 8 footers. Usually these are nice rounded waves (which you can actually paddle into and surf) but be ever vigilant for crashing waves, haystacks, and other rapidly changing conditions. Lastly, tie up canoes after making any landings. Fluctuations in river levels and waves will steal your canoe & gear otherwise!

Canoe Damage/Loss Deposits:
For Kevlar canoes (retail value of $2500-$4500) a deposit of $1200.00 (cash or check) payable to Quapaw Canoe Company is due at time of rental.

For Aluminum canoes (retail value of $1200) a deposit of $500.00 (cash or check) payable to Quapaw Canoe Company is due at time of rental.

Please note: It is our goal to return 100% of your damage deposit. If you return our equipment in good condition your deposit check will be promptly returned.
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