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Helena Outpost - Frequently Asked Questions

Helena, Arkansas?
That’s right: Quapaw Canoe Company Outpost Helena

107 Perry Street
Helena, AK
Click for map.

Doors opened Friday June 27, 2008

Helena is the only city that actually sits on the main channel of the Mississippi River (in the 300 miles between Memphis & Vicksburg)
It’s a natural! A safe harbor with 2 boat ramps, easy access at all river levels in all weather conditions.

Rentals: Canoe Rentals, Kayak Rentals, Bicycle Rentals. Paddle out of the Helena Harbor one mile up to Buck Island. No channel crossing necessary. 1500 acres of sand, forests, inlets, harbors, shallows & back channels.

What kinds of canoes & kayaks?
We have ordered a pile of 2-man Canoes from Bell Canoe works, including the Alaskan and the Morning Star, and several Anglers (for you fishermen). For kayaks Kestrals & Crosswind tandems are on order from Current Designs. We support our canoe & kayak manufacturers in the Mississippi Valley!

What does the shuttle involve?
Its easy: rent one of our Heavy Duty Kayak Carts and walk your canoe or kayak over the levee to the put-in. The internal combustion engine is not required at Quapaw Outpost Helena! Of course, if you insist, we will shuttle you via truck & trailer for a nominal fee.

Isn’t it dangerous?
Of course it’s dangerous, it’s the Mississippi River Dude! Ability to self-rescue required.

What if I don’t know how to self-rescue?
If you don’t know how, enroll in one of our two-hour workshops on self-rescue technique. If you like paddling canoes or kayaks you need to learn anyway. This knowledge will “set you free” on any open big water from the Lower Mississippi to Lake Superior, from Buck Island to Kodiak Island.

Your other choice is to hire one of our expert guides and we’ll guide you and get you safely home.

What if I want to camp out?
We can outfit you for camping and provide shuttles. Overnight to Buck Island. 2 nights from Tunica Riverpark. 3 nights from Memphis. 5 nights downstream to Greenville. Follow the river, follow your heart.

What about the bicycling?
You can pedal from our outpost directly onto the levee and then follow the levee north to the beautiful St. Francis National Forest, where miles of dirt roads and the deep forests of Crowley’s Ridge await your exploration.

Is Quapaw alone in this venture?
Quapaw is partnering with the American Land Conservancy, Messina Realty, and the Boys & Girls Club of Helena to make this a success.

Is Quapaw Canoe Company leaving Clarksdale?
Of course not! Clarksdale is our home base, Helena is the outpost. We build canoes and train our apprentices and do all of our long-distance outfitting from Clarksdale. The Helena Outpost will focus on rentals and interpretive mural maps & information relating to the Mississippi River and its floodplain.

Mileage from Quapaw to:
Tunica River Park 37 miles
Mud Island Memphis 74 miles
Friars Point 9 miles
Clarksdale (Quapaw Landing)   26 miles
Rosedale (Harbor Landing) 82 miles
Greenville 126 miles
Vicksburg 226 miles
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